How can Progmatic help your company?

The main activity of Progmatic Academy is organizing programming training courses with a strict system of criteria, as well as offering related recruitment services. With this, we wish to respond to the prevalent shortage of workforce in the IT sector.

Our goal: to train junior programmers to the domestic market with whom employers can realize their objectives through successful

About the Junior Programmer training

The Junior Programming course offers 6 months of training instead of the customary 4 months on this market, in order to facilitate deeper knowledge acquisition. Our students consist primarily of graduates
who are sufficiently motivated to acquire during these 6 months the skills necessary for working as a programmer.

The students are selected through a strict multi-phase selection procedure, where in addition to assessing skills through logical reasoning tasks and requiring a minimum intermediate knowledge of English, our experts also look for certain so-called soft skills (team work, problem management, etc.)

As we place a strong emphasis on practical training, we create a work-like environment for our students where they can work on real or simulated projects.


In this module we become acquainted with the basics of the programmer’s toolbox, and we practice the skills needed for your later career.

1.1 Variables

1.2 Operators

1.3 Loops

1.4 Arrays

1.5 Sorting

1.6 Functions

In this module we learn the object oriented basics in Java, and we learn how to build complex hierarchy within our applications.

2.1 Class, object, constructor, fields,methods

2.2 Complex data structures (Collections)

2.3 Inheritance

2.4 Polymorphism

2.5 Interfaces

2.6 Time and space complexity

2.7 Exception handling

In this module we learn how to write queries against an SQL database and
how to use these queries in our applications.

3.1 SQL

3.2 MySQL

3.3 Database modeling

In this module we learn to code in the
Spring framework, which enables us
to create enterprisel-level applications.

4.1 Unit tests


4.3 SpringMVC, Spring Boot

4.4 JPA

In this module we learn about web technologies and protocols and get
acquainted with the modern web standards.

5.1 HTML5.2 CSS

5.3 Bootstrap

5.4 JavaScript, event handling

5.5 HTTP

5.6 AJAX

5.7 ES6

5.8 Type Script

5.9 Angular 2+

In the last few weeks the students create a complex application in groups: they plan, specify, code and present their application.

6.1 Git
6.3 Project management
6.4 Presentation skills
6.5 Coffee 🙂

The cooperation

We offer our partners the opportunity to present their companies to our students personally, so that they can get better acquainted with them.


The selection procedure is tailored to our partner’s preferences – at our partner’s request, we can conduct
professional testing/task solving as well as the subsequent interviews to make the selection process easier.


We are open to a long-term cooperation with our partner. We offer an opportunity to educate a complete, fully covered specialties (eg. different programming languages) based on the needs of our partner.

Fast selection

payment options

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For further details, please contact our Business Development
Manager or Senior HR Consultant.


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